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Our Company Profile

Company history:
Established in 2004, Al Wafa Al Dayim for General Trading and Contracting and Project Management Ltd. (Al Wafa Al Dayim) is a 100% Iraq -owned and operated leading multi-industry provider with an outstanding reputation for service, designed to meet or exceed our client’s expectations even in the most provinces

The company areas of activity are:
Heavy Machinery, spare parts, power generation, Electricals, electronics, safety tools and equipment, work tools, high pressure valves, gauges......Etc. throughout Iraq.

Our Vision:

Alwafa Aldayim aims to be a leading diversified group operating across Iraq based on the strong principles of our founder. Leading the industry in each line of our businesses, and generating sustainable growth. We will strive to be an effective and progressive organization offering solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers with extraordinary emphasis on quality and service.

Our Mission:

We will provide the leadership and support necessary to sustain long-term growth and customer
satisfaction for our supply products. We will passionately promote quality and service at all levels while
enhancing each brand’s competitive advantage.


We take seriously our responsibilities as a corporate citizen, always aware of how our actions can benefit the
community and sensitive to the needs of the environment. We make decisions at all times understanding
our responsibility for enhancing profitability and serving the interests of our shareholders. As a service
company whose success is rooted in the satisfaction and performance of our people, we take responsibility
for furthering the professional development of our employees at every level of the organization.

Quality Control:

We are focusing on provide our clients with high quality materials therefore we allocated very high trained
people to do that we gain success on that part we made our client very happy with all we supply or do, 
Al Wafa Al Dayim
 is committed to a total quality & product safety approach We consider quality & product
safety to be a way of life.

Occupational safety:

We never compromise on safety. This is a commitment enshrined in our strategy. For us, that means ensuring and continuing to develop safe working conditions. Our globally valid safety concepts serve to protect BASF employees, contractors and our neighbors. Safe plants and the strong safety awareness of our qualified employees are the prerequisite for trouble-free production. A high degree of safety awareness together with clear rules and guidelines form the basis for the trust that the public places in our company.


Al Wafa Al Dayim Process is based on principles:

Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for; Occupational Health & Safety can be managed; Every injury/illness could and should have been prevented; and Occupational Health & Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Elements of Al Wafa Safety Process: Expectations and Involvement Goal Setting and Action Planning Standards Implementation Planning for Safe Conditions Site Training Systems Safe Practices Leading Behavior Behavior Observation Performance Tracking and Review

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Our Leadership

As we are a main marketer of consumer and commercial products that touch large number of companies every day where they use it learn, work, our consumers are at the heart of all we do. Our leadership team maintains this focus and drives our commitment to delivering results while bringing our purpose and values to the forefront of our daily activities. The leadership team’s years of experience in global, high-impact product development and delivery are the foundation for our success --